Herdsmen and Farmers

Tiv monarchs vow not to surrender land to herders { Why not ranch and process meat?}

The Council made its position known in a resolution at its meeting in Gboko, the traditional headquarters of the Tiv nation. The traditional rulers stated that “if Governor Ortom would be crucified because he chose to resist the invasion and occupation of our land, we are ready to be crucified with him.” The decision of the Tiv supreme council was taken after the Tor Tiv, Prof. James Ayatse conducted a voice vote which saw representatives of all intermediate areas of Tiv land, namely: Jemgbagh, Jerchira, Kwande and MINDA unanimously rejecting any attempt to suspend the ranching law of the state. The paramount rulers cautioned Tiv sons and daughters against politics of violence and acrimony, stressing that “anyone who encourages political violence in Tiv land would face unpleasant consequences.” Addressing the Ijir Tamen, Governor Ortom disclosed that his refusal to support the organized pogrom against the people of the state was the beginning of his travails.


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