Trekking 800m does not prove anything/Ajala Nareth Omusa

Trekking 800m does not prove anything
If trekking was it, that means mad people should be allowed to run for office too.
I remember one mad man I used to see around UNIJOS.
I was terrified to death of him, I am still scared of mad people sha
I once saw him on my way to Bauchi
Around Zaranda hotel.
That man trekked there
God forbid that the criterion for voting a president is the ability to take a stroll
God forbid
What’s more, it also does not prove mental fitness either
The fact that you consider being able to take for only 800meters a pointer towards being able to run a country of 189m people means your head is not CORREK
Theodore Roosevelt was on a wheelchair for Pete’s sake….


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