TVC stations mock Oby by inviting her to speak on kidnapped girls from zamfara,Godwin Robinson asks her to begin with an apology to the nation

Oby Ezekwesili wrote

I woke to the news of the abduction of over 300 school girls from GSSS Zamfara and the deepest pain hit me into a clamp-up.

I rejected requests from



etc to be interviewed.

What have I not already said these 7 years in Nigeria?

This morning in my personal prayer,

I cried out to God, “Was this not why You asked me to STAND for Chibokgirls 7 years ago and give my ALL to their cause?”

“Was it not to get
to ACT DECISIVELY and forbid abomination from becoming the NORM in our Land, Lord?”
The abduction of 219 #ChibokGirls in 2014 was an ABOMINATION in our Land.

What did we not do over the cause of 2 different Administrations to demand Justice for them so it NEVER REPEATS?

Two Administrations egged on by their admirers failed to hear us and ACT DECISIVELY.
110 #DapchiGirls happened and #LeahSharibu remains unaccounted for.
With #LeahSharibu abandoned,

334 #KankaraBoys happened,

then 41 #KagaraStudents

and now 317 #JangebeGirls yesterday.

Abomination has become a Norm.
When KagaraBoys happened, outraged, I made the strongest possible DEMAND a citizen can regarding the failed leadership of


I wrote: Nigerians should collectively ask for an Independent Medical Evaluation of

Nothing else makes sense now.

Godwin Robinson replies
You are yet to publicly apologize to somany Nigerians, who you disappointed and those you took with you on this road.
Maybe you forgot, the public trust invested on you, was not cheap.
Possibly that is the one very thing you are yet to say in the last 7yrs.

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