Use of any finger in voting may encourage rigging –Oyetibo

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr. Tayo Oyetibo, has expressed concerns about instructions by the Independent National Electoral Commission that voters could use any of their five fingers as opposed to only the thumb permitted in previous polls.

Oyetibo said with the instructions, INEC might just be opening the floodgates for rigging, which, he said, would even be difficult to prove at election tribunals.

The SAN expressed this concern on Friday during the annual thanksgiving day of his law firm,Tayo Oyetibo LP, in Lekki, Lagos.

He said, “If the experience from election petitions is anything to go by, the use of any finger to cast votes is a veritable subterfuge for multiple ‘thumb-printing’ of ballot papers.

“Under the former voting regime, it was easier to detect multiple ‘thumb-printing’ of ballot papers by observing the size and shape of the print on the ballot papers, as the sizes of the other fingers are naturally narrower than the thumb.

“But with the permission of the use of any finger to cast votes, it would seem that the floodgate of multiple ‘thumb-printing’ of ballot papers have been flung open.

“It is hoped that the Independent National Electoral Commission will reconsider its decision on this issue so as to make subsequent elections more credible.”

The Senior Advocate explained that the annual thanksgiving day was to acknowledge God’s goodness and mercies towards his law firm in preceding year, and to pray for the new year.

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