Various Communities In Nsukka Have sorted out their differences and agreed to work together



We wish to inform the general public that the people of Nsukka Muslim community are safe and all suit of differences have been resolved.

The unfortunate incidence that took place on Saturday 31st Oct, 2020, which one thing led to the other between a keke man and a Muslim resulted in destruction of properties of Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba Muslims and Mosques which were condemned by all, as one or two people that carried it out did not act on everyone’s interest. The local government chairman, security personnel Nsukka youths, Christian societies and other organizations all combined to stop further destruction of properties, and we really appreciate all their efforts. We thank God no life was lost.

Be it as it may, the state and local government authorities have promised to not only rebuild the mosques immediately but to provide a better and equipped one. The lost properties will also be taken care of.

We plead with everyone to tread with peace. Anyone, within or far, should not act directly or indirectly as a retaliation to this incident or bear any grudges, as your not representing our interest which is peace and that has already been established. We are peaceful, our religion (Islam) teaches peace. We have lived in peace for ages and we will continue to.

We urge us all to desist from violence, fake news, impulsiveness and any kind of incitement. Let’s not be what we condemn. LET LOVE LEAD. Thanks

Alhj. Yakubu Omeh

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