VAT Designed To Support Poor Nigerians, Not A Burden – Fowler ( Na lie..in this country today its a burden/BA)

Buhari and his APC have faced sharp criticism for their handling of the economy. The president imposed capital controls as the naira currency came under pressure amid plunging revenue from oil, the country’s main export, and foreign investors fled. After a contraction in 2016, the economy expanded 1.9 percent last year, the fastest since Buhari’s election.

VAT Designed To Support Poor Nigerians, Not A Burden – Fowler

We hear with our eyes and see with our ears.
The last election is a reminder of what you people do with our money. All the sienna buses that the candidates used …were they hired?. Hemp smoking thugs at the junction are now building houses. These people are our friends nau…a man who has been managing a salary of N3m per annum got N15m ..just like that.
And to worsen it…when positions are shared …they are shared on the basis of the contribution during the campaign. Like how many people did you kill…how many cars did you burn.
Societies are built with taxes…but we must see what they are used for. Am not judging Buhari but public funds are still being used to reinforce immorality..rascality..violence…every thing that endangers our development and lives is being financed with our taxes.
VAT for now is a burden

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