Was Diezzani Alone? BA asks

I have always spoken against Diezzani since 2011 when she was transport minister. How she singlehandedly stole so much money baffles fact I don’t believe it.I would like us to pay attention to how she possibly by passed systems controls if there were some. That way we can be sure Kachikwu is not doing worse.Now we say NNPC is a northern that means either the top management worked hand in hand with her or she silenced them when she started operations. Please don’t tell me about presidency because it probably means the same thing is going on.
Still on the assumption that she stole.. Why is it that NNPC audit system..accounts.. Annual reports etc.could not detect this?
If she practically sold oil on the high seas…what is the job of the Navy.. Customs ..NPA…?
If she is guilty…I will like to personally throw away the keys to her cell into the lagoon.. But if we don’t find out and correct the system failure….then we are just starting..because we will be back in this position soon

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