We are asking for CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE GOOD GOVERNANCE and nothing more/GNR

What some of us keep asking for is very cheap and affordable.
Deliberately most of us are not card carrying members of any political party to date. So we are not good partymen.

We are patriotic and shall remain so. We keep looking at the Nigerian project Big picture and the regular man power employed at the construction site. We keep romancing and demanding genuine democratic content in our overall governance content.

Some of us are angsts over deep dishonesty, the constant sacrifices of National Interest for foolish illusionary ethnic interest and the lost precious lives and vision smoked out via assassination or mass murder.

This satanic practice cuts across political leaders to the man on the streets..

Sometimes ago we predicted how The North-easterners were the first raw material on the terror production line experimentation, followed by the MiddleBelt. Most Folks screaming today especially with their media power mischievously saw us as haters.

They even proclaimed us Haters openly. They flapped their foolish and blind wings to gain cheap popularity. But crawl into holes proclaim deceitful loyalty while spitting on the graves of the weak and the poor. As long as they are distanced from these victims through their evaporative ethnic lenses..

But like a spilled Lamp oil, Nigerians have almost gotten used to bloodletting as we speak. We only seem to pacify ourselves on the numbers and societal positions of the victims.

The rich are no more spared and we are beginning to hear all manner of narratives with explanations of the ‘Acts of God’ and stigmatization evasions..

Many political leaders stayed away while some played politics with the unmarked graves of fellow Nigerians who were victims of this wicked conspiracy.

Nigerians who today feels it’s the turn of the Southwest just like some southwest felt it was the turn of the Northeast and the Middlbelt. If you fold your hands while you watch, it may be a question of when?

And for the rich who prowl with their armored bulletproof Houses and automobile.. There are limits..

It is not hard to seek for GOOD GOVERNANCE as some of us constantly do..

We don’t hate anyone like some sycophants claim. Whose interest is to feed on our collective future..

We are asking for CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE GOOD GOVERNANCE and nothing more..

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