We are Not Afraid Of Malicious Lies/Management Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Management


The attention of Management of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic,owo has been drawn to a malicious on line report tagged “Rugipo Mgt jittery ” as fraudulent acts may soon be exposed” purportedly written by an anonymous chief Lecturer.

Ordinarily, the write- up should not have attracted a response but for the attention of the public on the true position of things in the institution, it becomes necessary to address some issues raised in the report.

I wish to categorical say that all the allegations are mere figment of imaginations of the writer and there are no iota of truth in the write up

it is just an act of cowardice for the ‘ chief Lecturer to have remained annonymous.This is a decent society and any information that worths it   for public consumption must be based on facts.

One can imagine the joy of the writer on the death of a committed and loyal chief of protocol- Late Barrister Tosin Ogunbodede- whose death was a tragedy to the good people of ondo state and an irreparable loss to the Polytechnic community.

The writer should note that no human being will escape death including the writer and he should also note that after death there will be judgement

The spurious, unfounded and mischievous allegations never existed and the Management of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic,owo has been very prudent in the running of the affairs of the institution.

The institution as at today has become a bride and a place of admiration among the comity of higher institutions within and outside the country.

It is an institution where unity prevails and in the atmosphere of peace,Rugipo today has become a silicon valley to her immediate environment

To this end therefore, the public should disregard the misinformation  dished out by someone who shared mischieve with destiny.

Samuel Ojo(JP)

Director, Public Relations & Protocol

The offending article
The Management of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, is said to be jittery of been exposed to the Governor as a result of the death of the Chief of Protocol Bar. Tosin Ogunbodede.

The source who is a Chief Lecturer and pleaded anonymity for fear of being humiliated disclosed that, the Registrar Alhaji Atiku Sule has been in coma since the death of the CoP.

The source said, “The fear that the management numerous fraudulent activities perpetrated since their inception may soon be exposed to the Governor.

“The CoP has been shielding them by blocking all reports and petitions from getting to the Governor. We are not rejoicing over his death but it will surely bring a turn around in the area of maladministration in the institution by the time the Governor beams his torchlight of good governance on them.

“Some of the fraudulent activities include; the process of appointment of the principal officers was a big fraud. Proper due process was not followed. How can applicants be part of shortlisting committee. The Rector and Registrar were judges in their own cases.

“The Rector will retire this year going by his official age of 65 years he declared. He would have spent 2 years from the 5 years single term approved by our Regulatory Body NBTE. Knowing fully that NBTE stated categorically that a- would – be Rector should not be more than 59 years at time of application as a major requirement for application. This instruction was violated.

“It will then mean that he didn’t complete his term. Aside that, he was supposed to have retired years back following the law establishing the institution which pegged retirement age of academic staff at 60. This law was amended and approved last year, meaning that he was supposed to have retired 5 years back. He should be made to leave the office immediately and pay back to the coffer of the polytechnic all he has fraudulently collected. No wonder the subversion is not enough.

“He had two appointments in a single day to two various offices. One as a Deputy Rector (not following the election due process) and Acting Rector. This is a capital fraud my brother.

“He bought “FAIRLY USED/ TOKUNBO” vehicle for the principal officer almost at the rate of new ones, knowing fully that Government policy does not support the purchase of second hand/fairly used materials.

“He approved the transfer of 28 million naira to the personal account of the Council Chairman Mr. Banji Alabi for the purchase of his own car without recourse to due process.

“Employment Racketeering: The recent employment was over bloated. Over 500 new staffs were employed despite the financial crisis in the institution. How do we pay all these people.

“About 90% of them are from Isuada community. No due process. It was a ” Cash and Carry employment ” pay and get your letter.

“The Registrar has been a major issue in this school. A man that has no good reputation. He was indicted of grievous financial fraud and maladministration as the Chairman of a Cooperative Society in the school. It was even recommended by panels both within and government circle that he should not hold any position of responsibility in the society.

“Someone with such negative report at a micro level given the position of Registrar at a macro standard. I wonder the certificate he presented for the job because, we gathered he has no genuine certificate. He does what he wants in the school because he is above the Rector. He commands the Rector to his wishes. When he talks, the Rector keeps quiet.

“The intervention of the People’s Governor is highly needed in the school. He needs to set up a probe panel, else the school will sink. Thank God the Governor is a man of the people and a son of the soil. Talk and do Governor. He needs to rescue the school from the hands of this vultures.”

All efforts to speak with Mr. Samuel Ojo, the institution’s Public Relations Officer, however, proved abortive as his phone line was not reachable as of the time of filling this report.

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