We attacked ECA members in Enugu because they praised Dr Azikiwe/Proscribed Ipob

In a statement made available to our correspondent in Awka , Anambra State , by IPOB ’ s Media and Publicity Secretary , Emma Powerful , the group accused the late Azikiwe of causing the problems of the Igbo in Nigeria.
It said the late former president was “ patriotic to a fault , ” an attribute it maintained worked against Igbo interest.
The group said Azikiwe’ s attitude “ brought untold shame , misery and consumed over three million Biafran lives and still doing so till today . ”
The group noted that if the late Azikiwe had behaved like some of his contemporaries , Biafra would have been an independent country by now.
Powerful , in the statement , apologised to Igbo leaders who were allegedly molested by some Biafra agitators in Enugu on Tuesday .
“ The statement partly read , ” The leadership and family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra worldwide wish to clarify the events that took place at Eastern Consultative Assembly gathering in Enugu on Tuesday .
“ It’ s is regrettable and unfortunate under the circumstance because it happened in the presence of the two most distinguished and respected elder statesmen we have in Prof . Ben Nwabueze and Chief Mbazuluike Amechi .
“ For this , we respectfully and unreservedly apologise to both elders and the leadership of ECA for how the ceremony came to an end.
“ Regardless of who was involved , we are all indigenous persons from Biafra . So , we view and have always viewed our highly regarded elders like Prof . Ben Nwabueze and Chief Mbazuluike Amechi as our own .
” What transpired at the said gathering was not a protest against them or ECA , but an indication of the level of loathing , anger and resentment against everything Nigeria among right thinking indigenous persons from the East .

“ It should not be forgotten that the said event was going smoothly but for the occasional boos that accompanied any mention of Nigeria .
“ Chief Mbazuluike Amechi was cheered to the rafters after his speech , though this aspect has received little or no press coverage .
“ What precipitated the collapse of the event was the announcement of an award for Dr . Nnamdi Azikiwe, who is seen by all as the sole architect of the monstrous One Nigeria project that have brought untold shame , misery and consumed over three million Biafran lives and still doing so till today . ”

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