We Don’t Need Your Explanations, Apologize To Nigerians —Babajide Kolade-otitujo Blasts Pantami

“I don’t blame Minister Pantami , I blame our security agencies, the DSS, who gave us the impression that before people are appointed they do due diligence they conduct some checks, there is no evidence that they ran any checks on Minister Pantami.

“Secondly, we spend hours and hours and hours, screening people in the national assembly, sometimes what you just say is a charade, a bloody waste of time. At that screening somebody should have raised this issue, that you said sometimes ago that jihad was a legitimate thing, you even offered yourself people should have raised those questions.

“So yes Pantami said he was young, not exactly young, if he said he was younger I will agree, he is almost 50 he is 48 now, some of those comments were made when he was already above 30 years. When you are above 30 years, you are not exactly young, you are a full adult, and if you do anything that is against the law of the land you are going to answer for it.

“I don’t buy this idea of I was young, if you said I have now become more matured or I was younger, I could accept. Unfortunately this same man, I have to be fair to him as someone who fears God, if Boko Haram get hold of him they will slaughter him. Shekau already said that his people should go after him, that they should take his life.

“I have always said it before, time is a gentleman, and it will always catch up with you at some point. The things that you said back then, once you get into a position like this you need to renounce them publicly, he has partially renounced because he didn’t directly apologize for what he said, he was just trying to give an explanation, and an explanation is different from an apology.

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