We sat with your ministers before passing the Budget bill/ Senator Shehi Sani


Senator Shehu Sani replies Buhari:

The 2018 Budget

1.Why should Mr President,a person known for only doing what is right and is always right append his signature to a document he considers fraudulent or dubious or full of insertions or subtractions?

2.Who is that so powerful to compel the President to do what is wrong?

3.The Commitee On Approriation publicity stated that the adjustment was done in concert and concord with the Ministers,why no denial yet.And If the Ministers acted without the consent of the President why are they not yet fired?

4.I can confirm that the relevant persons in the Senate will point by point respond to the issues raised by Mr President.One side of the story cannot produce a fair judgment.

5.The President supposed to reject and return the Budget and not sign on what he considers wrong.Signatures should reflect our conscience and not our compulsion.

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