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We will not tolerate any form of dictatorship AT ALL!/Ebun Olu Adegboruwa


Apart from being a trained lawyer, my own personal conviction is to have a society where all men and women are free, save where the citizen has freely fallen into any malfeasance, for which he/she should still be entitled to a fair trial.

I detest dictatorship because I have witnessed its consequences and the evils attending it.

In November 1997, I was arrested and thereafter detained at the Directorate of Military Intelligence at Apapa.

It’s the worst thing any individual would ever think of going through. The details of that horrible experience should be for another day. Today is for the dangers of dictatorship.

Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN rushed to court to challenge my arrest and detention. In a landmark judgment, Hon Jus I.N. Auta (as he then was), declared my arrest and detention illegal, and then ordered for my release.

The judgment only served to anger Col Frank Omenka, who was in charge of DMI then. He boasted to me openly that no judge can ever order him to release me. He said I should be ready for a long battle as I’m in the class of a Permanent Detainee. He then told me that General Sani Abacha had granted him official permission to attach me to himself as his personal detainee, never to smell freedom and that even if he’s transferred from DMI, he would still take me along to his next place of posting, as his personal detainee. And he kept telling me this from day to day till December, 1997, unto January 1998, running through February till June, 1998, when we were told in custody that, Gen Sani Abacha had died.

I was at that time in the hospital, undergoing surgery from a grievous infection that I contacted in the overcrowded place of detention, where you could never know sleep or lie straight, as there was no space to even stretch your legs. And I was in this hell of a place for well over eight months, without trial; and would have been there till God knows when, but for the death of Gen Sani Abacha.

So please bear with me when I react passionately against any form of dictatorship or a government that preaches against the rule of law, due process or respect for fundamental rights and people’s freedoms. That government will NEVER last. It just will not work! God will not allow it.

We can never go back to that era in this nation and any leader that gives the impression of harbouring any dictatorial tendencies should brace up for very stiff opposition from the people of Nigeria, no matter how much we love that leader.

Our collective bargain and agreement is to uphold the Constitution at all costs and to let justice be done no matter the circumstances.

So any leader who wants to rule Nigeria should very well bear this in mind and learn to work within the dictates of the Constitution.

We will not tolerate any form of dictatorship AT ALL!

Aluta continua!

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa., Esq.
Lekki, Lagos.


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