What Buhari Can Learn From Angela Merkel/Godwin Ndidamaka Robinson


Angela Dorothea Merkel In resent times has appeared only about 16 times in the public.
Not much is heard about her health Situation, yet German economy continues to advance.

Nine years running, Forbes has voted her as the Most influential woman on planet earth and the leader of the free world.
She earned these no doubt. You could verify the global political landscape to prove this. She is just 65.

However we both know, it’s only possible because of functional government institutions which ensures non convulsive governments economic policies.

All we crave for in Nigeria is for functional government Institutions and not feeble and weak institutions which are adjudged functional because of its heads today.

We would keep taking one step forward and 3 steps backwards because of this Voluntary leadership crimes.
President Buhari has less than 4years to go.

Sir as your birthday present to Nigerians, can we have you walk in this direction?

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