Boko Haram

What does the Defence Ministry do with all those Billions of Naira we hear in the Budget?/Adedamola Adetayo

I couldn’t sleep all through the night, not even for 10mins!

I am trying to pray for peace for my troubled mind and hope to catch sleep but i soon committed the error of going to Mukhtari Wali’s wall to see a thread i promised myself I would return to!

I saw two videos on his wall just now and my head started paining me!

1. There is a video showing bodies of Nigerian Soldiers scattered everywhere. It isn’t even clear how they were ambushed and killed but the scene, the desperate and utterly bewildering radio conversation between the survivors and what must be their base and the fact that it was recorded and made to go viral on the internet altogether knocked me silly!

And the surviving soldiers moved on their mission with determination!!

2. As i was trying to process that shocking video I stumbled on another where no less a person than the Hon. Member HoR representing Gworza, Daboa etc said things to the effect that our Soldiers at the Boko Haram war fronts were poorly treated in terms of allowances and much less motivated than the Boko Haram soldiers!

The man was saying openly that Boko Haram occupies the greater parts of his constituency!

I think this is quite saddening.

How is it that we don’t even talk about these things yet we have MILLIONS of people with presence of mind who had the time and money to vote at the BBN????

What does the Defence Ministry do with all those Billions of Naira we hear in the Budget?

Is it too wrong to conclude, AFTER 10 YEARS, that this Boko Haram thing is very sinister and it has probably become an industry whichever way?

I begin to suspect that perhaps some people need something on that NE LAND for which they are ready to wipe or force out all the citizens there?

But why will our poor soldiers and citizens be made such scape goats and children of death?

I don’t get it any more!

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