What has Hayatu Maccido done for Zaria people?/BGY

Hayatu is concerned and wants Zaria people to access critically any politician before giving him their mandate. Below is my contribution to him and it reflects the entire country.
Hayatu Maccido if its possible, the politicians should come together in an open debate at say Congo Conference Hall Zaria, for each to tell the electorates what he/she intends to do in terms of:-
Establishment and expansion of SMEs for employment of youths and income generation.
Food production and storage which also includes poultry, fishery, grains processing and so on.
Infrastructure generally around Zaria metropolis and environs which includes clean drinking water provision, generation and distribution of power, real primary healthcare facilities, quality education between primary 1 up to at least school cert level.
Security which is an on going issue and so on.
Organize a debate for them and see. You will be amazed several of them dont have what it takes to be elected.
We should put sentiment aside and put on our reasoning caps.
If you ran into any of them un-announced, just ask them the percentage of unemployed youths in the Zaria that they want to represent at Federal or state level. The response will shock you. Also ask how they intend to cut down the number of unemployed youths within 90 days of assuming office.
I tried it with one dude who wants to represent the same Zaria at NASS, the response was a huge surprise to me and those present when I asked the question at Abuja. For such a person I will not be surprise to see sentiment playing a role for him to go all the way.
I advised him to form a working team much like a policy formulation and implementation team, with an economic team also working hand in hand with them, to carry out a thorough research on the problems of Zaria and the solution that best suits each problem and time frame to solve. When he approached some people and they gave him a financial break down, he ran away. To me he lacks a manifesto and a political ideology that was why he ran away.
Try and have a feel of the guys that want to go to Abuja or Kaduna to represent Zaria in whatever capacity please, before you start lamenting later.
The era of talking and hiding under the cocoon of religion and/or ethnicity is gone. Its now time to face reality.
Zaria is not where it should be for years because sentiment instead of reasoning is applied during elections and time for key decisions.
I rest my case here Mallan Hayatu.


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