What Ihedioha’s Legal Team Could Have Done To Save the Situation/Vin Okoroafor

Ihedioha’s legal team failed to file a Cross-Petition which could have saved the situation and the Supreme Court used that weakness to create a leeway for Hope Uzodinma to emerge as the new Governor of Imo State. It then follows that aside from political appointments that stands revoked immediately any other appointments that is based on existing laws or by statutory consideration cannot be revoked but must run the full course of the law. However, any commercial agreements entered into by the Government of Ihedioha may be ratified by Uzodinma’s government and same will continue as if it was originally entered into by the incoming government.

Yes if only Ihedioha’s legal team had done the needful. How can Uzodinma’s Lawyers tender material evidence in Court without any objections from either INEC or Ihedioha’s legal team? And also there was no Cross Petition from ihedioha’s legal team to counter Uzodinma’s appeal. I am still at a loss of words to aptly describe the entire scenario. Notwithstanding that some recent decisions from the apex court in recent times may be viewed with circumspect and taken with a pinch of salt but in this case the Supreme Court is correct as painful as the decision may be.

There’s nothing anybody can do about it at this stage. Once the Supreme Court has decided then the case had been decided to a finality. It was a painful but a correct decision. The challenge of political instability by decisions such as this can be resolved by an amendment of our Electoral Act otherwise such political uncertainties surrounding political policies and viable economic developments may continue to be a setback to the growth of trade and commerce in almost every States in Nigeria.

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