Boko Haram

What percentage of the chibok story is scam/BA

When the chibok girls were kidnapped…some herdsmen sent out a message to someone who eventually passed it to me. I can’t give all the details.They saw four hilux trucks driving without a clear direction with girls in them.the captors were confused.. They were awaiting instructions. The full contents of the message were scary.
A cleric in the neighbourhood was in touch with me..until somehow his communication was noticed and he backed out.
The operation took several hours and certain children were not taken.
The FGN has warned against exams with inadequate security.. Yet that was clearly disobeyed.
The nearest security post was dismantled out of haste days before the attack.
Its becoming clear with the angry exchanges in the news recently that some politicians were on speaking terms with bh,and asked for this prank..only it got out of control.

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