WHAT YORUBAS NEED/Prince Olusegun Oni Of United Social Democratic party



What Yorubas need is development, massive employment opportunities for our youths and graduates.

What the Yorubas need is uninterruptible power supply, good roads, functioning hospitals and water supply to all homes.

What the Yorubas need is the returning of all privately owned education institutions taken over by the government, free and quality education for our children.

What the Yorubas need is equal opportunities everywhere, the removal of favouritism for a few, removal of the monopoly of the supply and marketing of certain essential commodities and services.

What the Yorubas need is the restructuring of the entire political system to one that will promote rapid development of our land and the socioeconomic wellbeing of our people.

We do not need invidious personal honours for anyone living or dead which cannot reduce the level of poverty and suffering of the people

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