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Stephen Ogbuabia wrote
Has Nigeria just discover Codeine and Cough Syrup? Nope! This two over-the-counter-medicine has been in use in Nigeria before every Nigerian, alive today, was born. In other words, Codeine and Cough Syrup has been used in Nigeria, since 19Timkom!! Don’t get your knickers in a twist, people. It’s not the medicine sellers; the problem is a peculiar kind of drug addiction which is endemic to Northern Nigeria. I know among us, hypocrisy is an art form, nobody wants to own up their shit. Drug addiction among minors and young women—the demographic affected the most in the current Codeine/Cough Syrup epidemic—is more in Northern Nigeria than in any other part of the country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that other Nigerians don’t abuse drugs or don’t have their own peculiar vices. They all do. The progression of this case would have started with chewing goro (kola nuts a stimulant commonly used in northern Nigeria) then to smoking cigarettes, to sniffing glue before graduating to Codeine/Cough Syrup. This epidemic, ironically, is only a symptom of a bigger malaise in the society. The young women affected are the same ones who are denied education, married off early and quickly divorced before they reach the age twenty, the minors likewise are denied education and put through the Alimajiri system that leaves them roaming the streets and begging for alms. And when these vulnerable persons become victims of Codeine/Cough Syrup addiction you blame it on the Patient Medicine Seller, no sir! The problem is something else. The only reason they’re addicted to Codeine/Cough Syrup is because it is easier to access. If the have the wherewithal, they’d be using Cocaine, Heroin. The problem is something else my guess is you know what it is.

From issues chat room
I think we are getting it wrong here, the use of cough syrup in the northern part of Nigeria has nothing to do with poverty,early marriage or lack of education.
and they are not cheap to get, a bottle of emzo cough syrup goes for as much as 2k here in the north.
most of the youth get hooked to it as a result of hypocrisy,they rather take it than go for beer because of religion belief.
Of alarming rate currently is the way students of one of the top private university in Nigeria, own by a popular politician has turned the campus to heaven for cough syrup.
You need to see.

Three million bottles of codeine are consumed in two northern states every single day. We all turn a blind eye. Why? Because there is no ‘awuff’ money from WHO/CDC/UNICEF to ‘deal’ with the epidemic. Because nobody will enforce a travel ban on our elites like Ebola caused. Because no Bill Gates will come and donate $75million. We are letting our communities down in the worst imaginable way. And we will all answer before God. Before then whatever goes around will come back around to bite us all bitterly in this world . Just like BH. Am speechless

Sweet sweet codeine: Nigeria's deadly cough syrup crisis

Hundreds of thousands of kids in Nigeria are drinking codeine cough syrup – but not because they're sick. BBC Africa Eye went undercover to investigate how they get their hands on it so easily.

Posted by BBC News Africa on Sunday, April 29, 2018




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