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Ikechukwu Obi wrote

When politicians fight

Kaduna state is being exposed on Deji Bademosi’s programme on TVC News. Someone took a camera into a primary school said to be in Kurmi in Igabi LGA of Kaduna state and the school was in a horrible state with broken walls, children sitting on the floor, blown roofs and generally a sight for sore eyes.

Trust TVC discussants, they took opportunity to strip Kaduna state naked. There were are lot of deep sighs of ooohs and aahhs of sympathy for the suffering pupils and pained comments of regrets for the plight of the suffering poor people in Kaduna.

I just watched and smiled.

Someone should tell El-Rufai to commission underground investigators to dig up dirt on the business of Lagos state govt. I’m pretty sure the stuff he will get will make great material for political mudslinging from now till 2023

Within our degraded political milieu, the only way citizens learn about rot in governance is when politicians quarrel and it is also in those roughened waters that public attention can so focus on that rot till it becomes remedied.

When politicians fight, the people rejoice. Now watch how fast that primary school will be fixed

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