Where is Kwakwanso’s blueprint ?/Balarabe Garba Yakubu

Balarabe Garba Yakubu wrote
Constitutionally, Kwankwaso is eligible to contest for the office of the president no doubt about that. Already, he has printed posters and have made his intentions public. I have no problem with that at all.
I don’t have any desire or intention to be president of Nigeria. So beating Kwankwaso at the polls is out of it.
But what perplexes me so much about Kwankwaso and other contestants is the fact that they all have no credible agenda yet to convince me and people that think like me that they can deliver when out there face to face with the realities.
KB, our economy is not doing well at the moment. We don’t need a noise maker or trouble maker to be in charge of our affairs. Manifestos and ideologies to galvanize our economy to a reasonable height is what we need.
A presidential aspirant should be armed with tons of ideas on how to create openings in the economy to employ youths to work and earn decent incomes.
Recently I was reading about population increase and saw that Nigeria’s current population – 190 million approximately based on the data used for the report, shows Nigerians between the ages of 15-50 constitute more than 85% of the entire population. This is what I will refer to as working age. People who can be engaged in production and other viable sectors.
But what percentage of these guys are employed or into something credible to generate income? What percentage even have a hope that in the nearest future life will smile on them? Our country is sitting on a time bomb. Believe me KB.
Politicians that come out for elective positions without any agenda to reduce the number of unemployed youths, are just going to add to our collective problems.
We know there is corruption in Nigeria. We know the corrupt guys are our neighbors, friends, relatives, parents, colleagues and so on, but what have we done at community levels to checkmate these crooks? Government is taking wrong steps to address the issue and we know it.
If Kwankwaso can respectfully take some reasonable steps backward and think deeply, he can be a champion in the north without being the president. Let’s talk with statistical figures please. What percentage of the KANO youths are today gainfully employed as a result of one economic program or the other Kwankwaso enacted during his terms as governor? How many SMEs can he stand and face the nation today and talk about with full confidence that he masterminded in Kano state and are today functional?
Can he face the nation and present his manifesto or ideology without mentioning APC or his political opponents? I doubt.
So KB, my concern is about the generality of the people of this country and not an individual who stands no chance from the corner I am observing issues.


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