WHO CAN SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER?/ Godwin Ndidi Amaka Robinson


You may ask, how am I coping with struggling for survival in an arrangement I never saw coming?
Even though my preferred style of leadership could have shown me that this ugly consequence is inevitable, I wouldn’t listen. The very reason for Contingent Violence which I think the Country can survive after she has been stretched with the herdsmen killing experimentations and numerous unmarked graves scattered across the land which almost set my kinsmen against the rest. A mistake I wish some good hearts would repair after me, though difficult but so still wished. Even though I signed the executive powers 006 was designed to facilitate the alleged loot recorvery away from the judicial process, yet some folks question my chosen route as they argued it would be another diversion and property reallocation through auction infavour of my friends and cronies.
So you may ask, who are my advisers?
Maybe I totally forgot that Politics is driven by interest and interest of every major factor who contributed and would contribute in the future, but alas I cared not about any future. Now it is noted that not much folks would stay with me if I don’t care for them honestly enough. I have been accused of portioning the political landscape, the exact reason I was tutored by some eggheaded spin machines to always speak according to the lines of what ought to have been but my listeners seem adamant so they don’t take me serious anylonger.
How do I manage this party into second term victory when I blindly kept My Senate President in court for three years on the advice of folks I suspect did not mean well for me as it now appears?
How do I manage a second term when I kept the major contributors of the first term victory out in the cold and shared the spoils among religious and ethnic lines, lately even their wives pointed out how I trashed their husbands after my last election victory?Now my image in the international community has been moved downwards. Well and well, going by my training, it is late to giveup nor turnback.
I have all the assurance from every known marabouts, so do those whom I contend with too. But I ask myself “Do I have enough strength to go through all these and come out victorious”?
My latest concern is this Peteru boy! He is a nightmare but I thougth my men should knew him better but the way it is going, I am concerned of the outcome. I am no coward and going by my precedence, I hate him although his state meant the whole world to me. The battle to punish him is on and he know this.
I am tired. I think I need new set of sneakers and advisers who would speak the truth to Power and not the worn out folks leading me down the road towards their good rather than mine nor the country I claim to love.

As for my image should matter to me and whoever loves me. My back is very important. Who then can speak truth to power? Who?
– Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON

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