Who Imposed Curfew On Numan?/ Zidon Love

Who Imposed Curfew On Numan?
I thought it is the prerogative of the Adamawa State Government to impose curfew. Do we have two governors in the state? I share the same opinion with the right thinking citizens of this State that there was no justification for any curfew in Numan because the situation at hand does not warrant any curfew. It is the same as imposing curfew on Girei during the Koh massacre or Demsa during the Kadomun experience. It never took place because there was no justification. The recent happening of Shafuron is not different.
As a Federation, we are opposed to any unpopular decision or Curfew which negates the principle of social justice or anything that has the capacity to jeopardize the peace and rights to existence of our people.
We are therefore calling on our highly respectable chiefs within the Numan Federation to unite against any evil or clandestine move to undermine their social responsibilities as the custodians of their traditions and the people of the region.
We pledge our unflinching support and loyalty to our highly respected chiefs in this matter and called on the government to be highly cautious in handling the Shafuron happenings to avert the possible devastating implications on the peaceful co-existence of the state.
For now, there is no cause for alarm but we will not hesitate to show our grievances as civilized citizens in a Democratic set up during any unpopular decision that violates our rights as citizens.

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