Who is Lalung working for ? certainly not the people who voted him in/Olawale Adamson


While many Nigerians only see the reactions of the aggrieved, very few take time to ponder on the ‘why’ behind some of the ugly reactions. Some Nigerian governors are seen as fortunate and one man who has enjoyed such benevolence is the Plateau State governor. Elected a governor in a landslide election victory as an opposition party but this man’s action and possibly quest for a second term has made him to abandon his people in their time of need as it appears.
“Ire yo tan…ni mbe rara ni kun” Trans…When the cricket is over fed it scratches its own belly open to certain death”
We all watched how this man accused Governor Samuel Ortom of his wrong approach to the killer herdsmen and openly castigated the Benue governor for anti grazing law policy which in many quarters has been adjudged as a protective measure for his predominant Agricultural farming communities. Benue state as a major contributor to Nigerian food basket – also known as the food basket of the Nation – could not sit down and watch her farms ravaged via open grazing. So the State House of Assembly passed the anti grazing bill, which resulted into the invasion of many Benue communities. ‘Benuenites’ were reported killed in their sleep; both women and children. On this, the State earned the collective empathy from the world and most Nigerians but to the amazement of all, the Plateau State governor took to the media accusing the Benue State governor of his ugly actions which resulted into the death of Benuenites; the most ugly dimension of his insensitivity was how he stated to have warned his Benue counterpart over the policy. Fast forward into time, the same fate soon befalls Plateau state and it was recorded that hundreds of Citizens were killed in their sleep. The ugliest dimension was how it took the same Plateau State governor weeks to visit few communities affected by this killer machines. He also went further to make sure he never attended any of the mass burial of victims killed in this event nor visited the IDP camp of those displaced from their communities by the killer herdsmen. Pleateau State governor never visited the victims not until last week; the man who has suddenly taken residence in Abuja breezed into the State to welcome and receive condolence from dignitaries, suddenly diverted his convoy into the IDP camp. The aggrieved Citizens could not hold their anger and disdain for this total stranger but to pelt him with stones. He managed to zoom off from the camp leaving the victims to their fate. Who will believe that the man who was elected by this same people would choose to abandon them in their greatest time of need and bereavement? Now, rumor has it that this man is presently in Netherland with PMB to defend him concerning an alleged summon as one of the affected States. So, how do you now think this man would defend those he is disconnected from? Time shall tell.


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