Why is Governor Ganduje only interested in creating Emirates When Kano State now harbors more than 2M ‘Almajiris’ roaming the streets/Jibrin Ibrahim

The Renaissance Coalition of Kano asks why is Governor only interested in creating Emirates When:

1. Kano State now harbors more than two million ‘Almajiris’ roaming the streets, without any tangible and sustainable intervention to checkmate the ugly situation.

2. Reliable statistics has indicated that, there are more than three million five hundred unemployed youths in Kano.

3. It is equally recorded that here are more than two million girls who do not attend formal education in Kano.

4. Kano State has been placed as one of the States that has more than five million people who do not have access to portable drinking water across the state.

5. Kano is one of the states with lead statistics of maternal and infant mortality, where out of 100,000 women 501 died as a result of inadequate or lack of access to health services and care, particularly in the rural areas.

6. Kano has the highest number of under and acutely malnourished children.

7. Kano takes the lead in substance and drug abuse/addiction in the whole country, with more than 50, 000. young men and women into drug related activities.

8. Kano has the highest number of school dropouts due to unsteady support and commitment from the Government.

9. Kano State has the most congested classrooms in the country, with over 150 – 200 pupils in a class.

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