Why was i born in this dispensation?/Ekewa Olu


If only I had been impatient and come as my grandfather, or too patient and come as my grandson, Sheybi I would have avoided this calamity of a President completely?

I look at this kids and I worry, I am truly worried if my best will ever be good enough for them? They are the ones that will face the consequences of this human-disaster we call a president

I mean, what was I thinking? Didn’t I see all these buhari-didirins on the queue? Didn’t we talk while waiting our turn?

” what was worrying me in heaven sef? Was I perpetually drunk? when I chose this generation what was I smoking ? Didn’t I see buhari standing somewhere Infront of me?

Whatever else I was, definitely I was as stupid as these buhari-zombies in heaven.

Or maybe it wasn’t even my choice? Perhaps an angel that didn’t like my face chose for me?

I mean with all My sense, all my sabi, why this generation?

Okay, why NIGERIA? Of all places?

When they or I chose the ship to these dead part of earth, was there no manual?

How could I have chosen this place?

War torn Ethiopia, sef is doing better now.

How can I have chosen a nation that even when there is no war, yet the only countries mine will compare to is Afghanistan and Iraq?

I no see shekau for queue?

Or was it the crowd( I mean 180 million people) that confused me, and made me think something good must be happening there for all these people to want to go there?

Anyway, I Don come, I Don come be DAT.. I MIGHY AS WELL MAKE THE BEST OF IT

BUHARI will be hearing from me everyday of my life, unless he leaves.


Sheybi una think say na only UNA no well?

Ooya now


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