Womb watchers are very frustrating

There’s nothing more distasteful than womb watchers.

If you’re married, you’ll know them. They are in the churches and mosques, in your family, even your neighbours. They are the ones who greet you with their eyes on your stomach, and they are the first to notice that it remains flat (or when it starts rounding out). If you add even a little bit of weight, they start raising their brows in speculation.

They are the ones who whisper, “they bought new cars and are travelling around instead of her to have a baby”.

They are also the most ignorant of what is really happening in your life. Dear womb watcher, mind your own business.

The couple you are hounding may not have any plans of having children, as shocking as that may be to you. They may have planned to have children after some years of enjoying themselves.

Or maybe, they are trying and keep failing. So many couples who are trying to have a child are being judged, but only they know the pains of trying and failing.

Womb watcher, watch your own life instead. Maybe you’ll be less interested in other people’s stomachs.


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