World of Coincidences in Kaduna State Elections/Jerry D. Ishaya

Suddenly! Suddenly!!

1. APC kaduna state chapter officially wrote a letter to KADSIECOM requesting that the election be postponed because the party is organising its Congresses and Convention, but KADSIECOM insisted that the election will still hold. That APC is not the only political party in the state. If all other political parties demand for postponement because they have one activity or the other, the election will never hold because we have over 60 political parties.

2. suddenly! Suddenly!! KADSIECOM office was set ablaze while we are counting down to elections, but unfortunately for the planners, sensitive materials are still intact.

3. And Suddenly! suddenly !!
INEC wrote that it will not longer provide KADSIECOM with card readers for the elections. This happened after spending huge amount of money to buy electronic machines that can not read voters card, after years of preparation and training of staff to use card readers as one of the reliable check points during accreditation of voters then one emergency letter showed up that INEC will not supply card readers.

Jerry D. Ishaya observed.

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