Wrong Team Selection ..Bad Results/Godwin NdidiAmaka Robinson

I won’t join issues with Punch Newspaper on the manner Government nominated the economic advisory or management council
‪One thing is glaring the way citizens reacted to this announcement.‬
‪Whether the nominees were consulted,, agreed or not. Nigerians seek capable hands to manage our economy.‬ Nigerians have displayed their bottled up view about Mr President’s appointment in the past.

They have also shown how much they believe Previous appointment has contributed hugely to the economic pains and losses witnessed in the last 4yrs.
No doubt, Nigeria is blessed with some of the best human capital any country would require during critical moment of Nation building.

But the question that has been asked many times is, where should we go for men who are tested and proven the global economic engineering?

Possibly it’s dawned on us all that leadership decisions is at the root of any prosperous or disastrous economic outcome.

The leadership considerations on manpower selections must be balanced, impersonal and rational.
The National Patriotic spirit must not only be encouraged but enlisted from all corners..

Let us believe we are headed in the right direction. Time shall undoubtedly tell.

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