Xenophobia In South Africa/Godwin Ndidiamaka Robinson

Xenophobia in South Africa have been justified amongst some people as the phobia for drifting into any other form of slavery after all they went through in the hands of the whites who presently controls the country’s economic powerhouses.

This narrative must have been a product of a video making the rounds where a South African was seen insisting that non South Africans are not allowed to own any business in South Africa..
Though my good friend told me there is more to it. But I shall dwell on the above narrative to make by points.

We have to realize killing fellow Africans do not handover economic power to us in anyway. We need to educate our minds why we must acquire the required skills for wealth creation.

No African is ignorant of our continent’s collective pain but we shall all head to the graves when we stay convinced that killing each other is the way out.
The economic gap between the white and black South Africans is like from cape to Cairo. It is said you can only work for the whites and get paid but the chances of starting such business is not easy because of the huge funds it requires.

However some of our African brothers come with Small and medium scale cottage businesses. While we work with them, we could learn a thing or two to enable us think like entrepreneurs. Such thinking may not be available in the class rooms but with your hands on the jobs.

As a student of African Entrepreneurs community. I have benefited from this Spirit immensely.

We must be mindful of the fact that Paper money is no money. Money is the exchange of Value, product and services.
When you have no product and service, you have no value to add and you will lack money..

Even when you received paper money from folks as a gift, it would not stay as it constantly flows towards Values..
You either put the money to work inorder to multiply or it would walk out of your hands into the hands of those who would put her to work..

That’s how we create wealth towards Financial independence.. with such tools you have no time to kill your brothers..
-Godwin NdidiAmaka ROBINSON

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