You Cage Yourself With Thieves” – Kenyan Law Professor, Patrick Liuumba Tells Buhari

A Keyan professor of law, Patrick Liuumba has said that President Muhammadu Buhari surrounded himself with many corrupt people.

Describing the corrupt individuals as thieves, the professor said the president is in the fight against corruption all by himself.

Lumumba, a former director of the Kenya Anti-corruption Commission in an interview with Sahara Reporters said, President Buhari’s lack of support from these individuals around him is the reason the war against corruption cannot be successful.

He said: “I wish President Buhari institutionalizes and ensures that his agenda is bought by others. No matter how good your idea is, it must be sold to others and they must buy into it.

That is how you institutionalize the idea. You cannot be a lone warrior in this matter because the children of darkness hunt like a pack of wolves and they will devour you if you are alone.”

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