YUNUSA Yellow as of this morning is still in prison over the Ese Oruru case.

I saw it was talking about this son of yunusa yellow. I didn’t want to say anything until today, when I heard that BBC had an interview with his father I saw something right. I am one of whom Huwaila Muhammad has force to enter the word of Jonah since its beginning, so I can say I have been aware of his words from its beginning to this day.
The first reason why we entered the statement is not to show support to what is accused of the people. The way of the south of the country, the people of the country, the people of the country, the people of the north and the people of the north, said that it was like our elders and the people of Kano. Because we think it will not be fair to him how it is taken.
It has been started from kano till when he was brought to Abuja, it was passed to Abuja. Gwadabe Nana Asmau and Gwadabe Nana Asmau have come to Abuja and found Abdul Muhammad Rafindadi and me to pass through to Bayelsa. I don’t get a lot, they have passed.
And Jonah was laid before the court, and afterward the rest of him came up to the court. Huwaila fell on the run of a Muslim lawyer named Kamluddeen, who lived in Bayelsa, in Bayelsa, the laws and was sent. The lawyer was also taken in the city to be sold to become a good lawyer. Even if he would put other lawyers, they did not come.
Judgment was found in the judgment of Jonah after the court was suspended before the court was suspended later. In the middle of the city of Jonah returned to kano, the kwankwasiyya foundation that sent its representative to Bayelsa, has given Jonah a new line to hold his head. And he asked for a wife, and she took his mother and was given a wife to Jonah.
And when they had been appointed, the day of judgment was appointed for Jonah, the owner of the charge of Jonah went to the law, but Jonah despised the court until he had been withdrawn.
And the parents of Jonah were anxious about how he should be brought up. She is officially to wish hon muhtari chiroptera former federal parliament of the area talk to help. I said I’m not going to do it again, I will go into the law again since hunger chose to live in prison. Later I saw that they are yamididi and showing like they did nothing in you.
Nothing made me angry today except how the father of yunusa showed that everything that was done behind Alhaji Auwalu Rano has taken weight. Of course Alhaji Auwalu Rano has started giving money money to support lawyers with the ship’s money and hotel. But in fact it is said to Jonah, if there is a first man to give thanks to the father of Jonah. But this man does not mention his name. Does he think of the money that was given me my suffering oho.
Even if the money is killed on the speech of yunusa, then the king of kano and the foundation of kwankwasiyya has spent the money better than Alhaji Rano. I don’t forget we went to the king on the talk of Jonah and he also gave the order to come and be left, but since kwankwasiyya gave him he will leave him. Now Jonah, instead of holding it up to build himself, he went and sold it.
I said I will never enter the word of hunger, but it is still the head. Whoever thinks he will join i wish him well. But it is ungrateful for someone to give thanks to someone before he does/ Sanusi Musa

My friend Barrister Sunusi Musa has just written a long story on Facebook on YUNUSA Yellow and rounded it up by saying he would never get involved in YUNUSA Yellow’s case again.

YUNUSA Yellow, if you recall, was the young man who took at underaged girl from Bayelsa to Kano, and later she was converted to Muslim, since she’s a Muslim, YUNUSA family decided to marry her off to YUNUSA without consulting the girl’s family. ESE ORURU’s mother went to the media and the story caught fire like wild fire on dry grass. It didn’t just go viral, it turned into one of the biggest debate online.

Quickly it became a North vs South affairs, Christian vs Islam, as the case almost always turn out in Nigeria. Since she was underaged it became a legal issue. Lawyers quickly volunteered, those who donated money donated, Yunusa Yellow quickly became a celebrity, for all the wrong reasons. A lot of people don’t even know that what he has done was illegal. They just supported or condemned.

Today Yunusa is in prison. As Barrister Sunusi narrated, before he left Kano for Bayelsa for his case, lawyers volunteered, in fact money was available, they even bought Yunusa Yellow a Keke Napep to use to sustain himself in Bayelsa after ensuring he was granted bail. Because the lawyers and people who went with him to Bayelsa are living up North, they got him a lawyer in Bayelsa who would follow him to court anytime his case comes up. I think Yunusa Yellow sold the Keke Napep and squandered the money, refused to go to court for his case, so the court asked the he be detained in prison.

The problem we have in Nigeria is rushing into a case, taking side, because of tribal, religious and regional sentiment. The people rushing to take up Yunusa’s case, as Barrister Sunusi himself acknowledged, did it because they assume their religion was under attack instead of looking critically at the legal implications of the case. At 18 Yunusa Yellow is an adult. Running away with a 14 years old and impregnating her has a serious legal implication.

Just put yourself in Ese Oruru’s parents shoes. Your 14 years old daughter disappeared and you find out she has ran away with an 18 years old boy. What would you do? Leave her there? What if you hear they are planing to marry her out, without informing you. The reason why they don’t want to tell you is because they said she has converted to Islam, so you no longer have right over your 14 years old daughter. What would you do? Forget your religion, what would you do? Let them do it? Marrying a minor may not be illegal in Yunusa’s Arewa, it is elsewhere.

YUNUSA Yellow as of this morning is still in prison over the Ese Oruru case./George Omonya Daniel

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