Zainab Abba Haliru On Ranching

Zainab Abba Haliru wrote
I have spent weeks pondering about the Fulani militia and the havoc they are creating for Nigrians. Their activities are affecting all Nigerians adversely, especially the Fulani herds men.
While studying this situation I have come to discover that there are Fulani herds men, there are Fulani militia. The two are not same. There are however herds men who have fallen prey to the lure of the militia cash which most of them get from kidnapping and robberies. There are also occasions where the herds men on hearing of an impending attack by the militia hastily vacate an area leaving them suspects of such attacks. Now having lived and worked closely with herds men for five years, I know the herds men as a very unassuming bunch who avoid trouble and are tight lipped about things they do not consider directly their problem or business even if they know all there is to know about them. And I have tried to convince them that ratting out evil protects everyone, those directly involved are those who are in no way involved.
This brings me to how I think this problem can be solved. For starters those of us who have friends and relatives amongst the herds men need to convince them to stay put in the North for now. That is until frayed nerves are calmed and room given to the authorities to identify the militia who normally use the herds men for stealth. Staying back also diminishes the militias capacity to move around freely. They need to be restricted. We in the North can easily recognise them and so they cannot easily visit their violence upon us.
While the herds men remain in the North provision should be made to support them in providing aid and infrastructure necessary to keep them and their livestock afloat.
I must add that the Miyetti are not handling the situation effectively. Their utterances have empowered the militia further and compounded the plight of the herds men who now face hostility both from other Nigerians and the militia.

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